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IMPACT Care Services


Patients, Nursing and Medical Staff, Director & Deputy Director of Nursing & Patient Experience, Service Managers , Senior Matrons,, Associate Directors  Clinical Directors, Head of Professional Practice (Nursing),Practice Development Nurses, Matron’s, Patient safety Manager Risk Manager, Clinical Governance Manager along with ,Senior Managers and Staff from the following Departments  Information, Finance, Human Resources , Integrated PALS, Complaints & Litigation Services, Training and Development ,Ward Teams, and Facilities.


PCTs, Emergency Services, Social Services, Voluntary Agencies, National Bodies e.g. Quality Care Commission, and other Service Users.
Key Objectives:

In conjunction with the Director of Nursing provide a clear focus for professional and effective clinical leadership and accountability for the nursing service
In line with the NHS operating framework and the Trust strategic plan, proactively lead on all patient experience and patient safety initiatives, including the reduction of healthcare acquired infection
Manage and develop the service in line with national and local requirements ensuring the delivery of performance targets, development of best practice, and modernization agenda in conjunction with the Service Manager and other key stakeholders.
Liaise with educational providers in conjunction with the Head of Professional Practice (Nursing) to lead and co-ordinate workforce planning and development agenda within area of responsibility to enable service provision and development
Be an accessible and authoritative figure for staff, patients, and carers within the modern matron framework
Line manage designated staff – see addendum of specific responsibilities for further detail concerning this aspect of the role
Communication and Leadership

Provide effective clinical leadership acting as a role model for staff Acts as an ambassador for area of responsibility and for wider Trust issues.
Lead changes within area of responsibility in line with divisional and corporate objectives.
Guide and coach Band 7 level staff to develop and strengthen leadership skills to meet the 24-hour accountability of the role.
Be accessible to patients/families and staff, ensuring that a customer services approach is undertaken to maintain an excellent communication system with patients, relatives and other visitors. Ensure all patients have the opportunity to seek information, help, and support or to communicate problematic or celebratory issues. Ensure that adverse patient experiences are reviewed in order to improve the service
Ensure effective communication, written, verbal and the use of information technology systems
Ensure documentation is completed contemporaneously and is completed in line with national and local guidance
Promote integrated working between all external stakeholders and local workforce
Promote and maintain confidentiality, privacy, and dignity surrounding admission and treatment of patients
Promote clinical expert practice by facilitating the development of skills of the team, acting as a role model, mentor and supervisor and providing advice to the multi-disciplinary team
Patient and Public Experience

Work in close collaboration with Integrated PALS, Complaints & Litigation Services Department, senior nurses and staff to ensure a robust patient advocacy and liaison service providing negotiation, mediation, and advocacy for patients and their families within area of responsibility. Provide the clinical lead for complaints management.
Work collaboratively with Facilities Management to ensure all standards of cleanliness are agreed with Ward Managers in line with the “NHS clean hospitals programme.” Encourage and support senior nurses  to monitor and challenge when standards of environmental cleanliness are not achieved/maintained
Conduct environmental audits using The NPSA environmental data Collection tool , implement action plans with key stake holders to ensure that improvements are made where deficiencies have been noted
Assist Senior Sisters/Charge Nurses to work in collaboration with facilities management to implement the “Better Hospital Food Programme” to include the new NHS menus and 24-hour access to food to meet dietary needs. Ensure action is taken when standards of quality, quantity, and timeliness are not being met
Reinforce the Senior Sisters/Charge nurses primary ownership of the co-ordination of total patient experience, including clinical standards of nutrition, infection control, cleanliness, Saving Lives care bundles, the environment, and safety.
Act as an advocate for patients/service users promoting rights and wishes, ensuring provision of appropriate information and support services
Identify ways to seek patients’ feedback about the service and involve the public in decisions about developing new services in keeping with The Trust’s statutory responsibilities
Integrated Clinical Governance and Risk Management

Ensure the development, implementation and review of a comprehensive framework for integrated governance within the directorate in line with the Corporate and Divisional Governance Strategy, and agreed with all partners.
Challenge, influence, and work with the clinical teams for the continual improvement of standards of care under the integrated governance agenda.
Ensure that staff are reporting all clinical incidents and near misses using the Trust Datix system and that relevant staff are investigating, regularly reviewing and updating progress on Datix in line with Trust policy
Conduct risk and safety assessments with key stakeholders, escalating risks according to the Trust risk management strategy as appropriate
Ensures adherence to risk management systems to promote the health and safety of all staff within area of responsibility
Deploy staff to enable work to be carried out as effectively as possible within allocated budgets.
Initiate a timely response to clinical incidents/ patient safety alerts to expedite the investigative process and development of measurable action plans as appropriate
Promote the concept of integrated governance in the workplace ensuring all grades of staff have the knowledge base and opportunity to participate in the process
Develop and implement local escalation policies to address operational issues such as patient flow, shortfalls in beds, staffing, and equipment
Ensure that personnel adhere to Trust Policies and Procedures
Ensure staff work within the NMC Code of professional conduct and other statutory guidance relevant to role.
Work with Senior Sisters/ .Charge Nurses running wards and departments to identify and facilitate achievement of appropriate clinical skills across all grades of nursing staff
Promote clinical effectiveness through the development of evidence based practice
Promote and disseminate research/audit findings to support improvements in clinical practice. Develop audit tools to monitor progress and action plans to address shortfalls in care
Support staff in the process of change management. e.g. .Work closely with infection control teams and staff. Ensure audit, action planning and change management processes are in place to reduce the risk of hospital acquired infection and strengthen measures to prevent/control spread of infection.
Ensure that wherever possible clinical practice is evidence based and auditable
Maintain clinical credibility within area of practice, which includes administration of intravenous medication
Practice Development

Ensure clinical benchmarking activity is monitored utilizing essence of care benchmarks.  Monitor clinical areas to ensure robust action and monitoring plans are in place leading to changes in care delivery.
Advice the divisional management team on local and national policies, which influence or may impact on the division, contributing to the delivery of local and national policy initiatives.
Take the lead in devising protocols, policies, and guidelines to develop practice and services in line with available evidence and current best practice.
Provide project lead to issues specific to own service e.g. National Service Frameworks, NICE guidance, Safeguarding Children.
Foster action research, utilizing outcomes to positively impact on the quality of patient care.
Professional Development

Provide expert advice on role competencies and contribute to the development of nursing competencies in conjunction with professional and regulatory bodies.
Ensure development pathways are identified to enable staff to fulfill requirements of knowledge and skills framework including the outline relevant to post. Ensures that systems are in place to support the development of staff within designated area of responsibility Maintain own professional development including mandatory training.
Identifies own learning needs using reflective practice and feedback from others to inform the formation of a personal development plan.
Oversee that senior sisters/ charge nurses are using annual appraisal and performance review informed by the appropriate knowledge and skills framework( for each job role) to set managerial objectives and devise personal development plans for all grades of staff  which they manage. Use the same process for staff who are directly line managed
Ensures that staff education and training is current in terms of mandatory training requirements and  in terms of speciality specific training requirements
Recruitment and Retention

Participate in recruitment and retention initiatives
Ensure systems are in place for all new staff to receive orientation to work areas and attend the Trust induction programme.
Contribute to and promote a culture that values all staff, recognizing and acknowledging achievement and success, whilst positively addressing poor performance and ensuring that such issues are cascaded to appropriate managers
Resource Management

Informs service manager/director of nursing of issues, which threaten the safety of the environment or compromise the care of patients
Ensure that resources relating to human resources and non-pay budgets are managed within allocated parameters, highlighting issues as appropriate
Manage sickness/absence according to Trust Policy
Contribute to innovative solutions to workforce delivery and working in new ways to meet needs of the client group.
Ensure sound financial management through the management of nurse bank and agency.
Participate in the development of  strategic and operational service plans, financial plans, capacity and workforce plans for the directorate in line with the annual planning cycle,
Contribute to the annual budget proposals for the service incorporating any cost improvement and financial recovery as required.

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